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Did you know there is a Gay World Cup? There is. Argentina's Los Dogos just won it. It seems the tournament has been around for a while... it's the tenth.

Argentine team beats British side to win gay world cup

--- Quote ---BUENOS AIRES (AFP) - Argentina's Los Dogos captured the gay football world cup Saturday, defeating British title-holders Stonewall 1-0 in Buenos Aires in the first final held in Latin America.

The two teams were among 28 squads from Europe, the Americas and Australia that participated in the 10th gay football world championship aimed at highlighting the fight against homophobia and discrimination.

With their victory, Los Dogos, named after an Argentine dog breed, automatically qualified for the 2008 tournament hosted by London.
--- End quote ---

The tournament is organized by the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association.

Gays play football?  Who knew!

Gay Superbowl 7 Comes to the Lower East Side

--- Quote ---The New York Gay Football League is hosting Gay Superbowl 7 over Columbus Day Weekend. The tournament has been two years in the making and promises to feature the highest level of play yet, along with some great nighttime events that give attendees a taste of New York City. They are expecting 18-20 teams for the largest gay football tournament ever.

The games will be held Oct. 5-7, 2007
--- End quote ---

This would be that "other" football.


--- Quote from: Rain on October 02, 2007, 02:45:42 PM ---Gays play football?  Who knew!
--- End quote ---

Does *footsies* count? :P ;)

No, Sweetie... 'footsies' is a game played with the feet. Football self-evidently involves *balls* as well as feet.


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