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Harvey Milk statue


Artists selected to create Harvey Milk commemorative sculpture

--- Quote ---The Daub Firmin Hendrickson Sculpture Group won a national competition to create a commemorative sculpture of the late Harvey Milk for permanent exhibition in San Francisco City Hall.


The winning artists were selected from among 40 entries in a national competition by a panel comprising community representatives and arts professionals. The team of artists will have a year to complete the sculpture, which will be 75 inches in height. The sculpture will most likely be displayed in the Ceremonial Rotunda adjacent to the Board of Supervisors' Chamber and will be unveiled on Milk's birthday -- May 22 -- next year.
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--- Quote ---The winning artists were selected from among 40 entries in a national competition by a panel comprising community representatives and arts professionals.
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I have to ask (because they are clearly declining, for some reason, to say), "Which community?"

and on the topic of Van Sant's movie about Milk...

Sean Penn to star as Harvey Milk

--- Quote ---...and Matt Damon his assassin


...Van Sant hopes to begin production on the as-yet-untitled feature in San Francisco as early as December. The uncertain start date may affect Damon's participation as Milk's killer, Dan White.
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Not my first choice, but possibly an inspired one. Penn *IS* phenominal, at times. cf: Dead Man Walking; Carlito's Way


--- Quote ---...and Matt Damon his assassin
--- End quote ---

A twink with a twinkie defense.  Cute.

Jim Rivaldo - political consultant brought Harvey Milk to office

--- Quote ---Politics was as much a passion as a job for Jim Rivaldo, a veteran San Francisco political consultant who worked campaigns for candidates ranging from Harvey Milk and Ella Hill Hutch to Supervisor Bevin Dufty and District Attorney Kamala Harris.

Mr. Rivaldo, 60, who died of liver cancer Tuesday afternoon in his Bush Street apartment, stayed on the local political scene even as the disease sapped his strength.


Dan Nicoletta, who was a clerk in Milk's Castro Street camera shop, first met Mr. Rivaldo during Milk's unsuccessful run for the Board of Supervisors in 1975.

"He was a strategist for Harvey and we all became pretty good friends," he said. "The top of the list of things to do was always to keep laughing."

From the time he walked into Milk's camera shop in the early '70s, Mr. Rivaldo was in the center of the city's gay political awakening. With Milk and other young, politically active gays, he helped found the San Francisco Gay Democratic Club, now known as the Harvey Milk Gay Democratic Club. A talented graphic artist, he designed the posters and brochures for the successful 1978 effort to defeat the Briggs initiative, a ballot measure that would have barred gays and lesbians from teaching in California public schools. Mr. Rivaldo and Pabich were instrumental in getting Milk elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1977, making him one of the nation's first openly gay elected officials.

Mr. Rivaldo was also in City Hall on Nov. 27, 1978, when Milk and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by former Supervisor Dan White.

He became the state's first openly gay commissioner when Milk appointed him to the regional coastal commission.
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