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Sonoma gay paper folds

--- Quote ---After 18 years of publication, We the People , Sonoma County's GLBT newspaper, is calling it quits.

The publication's editor, Gary Carnivele, said the nonprofit community-owned corporation that publishes the newspaper will now focus its attention on producing a Web site,

Founded in 1988 by Sandy Lowe and a handful of LGBT activists, We the People was published by the Redwood Empire Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Education Project. It was a free monthly, distributed primarily in Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino counties. In its early years it provided a platform for the rise of LGBT and AIDS activism in Sonoma County.
--- End quote ---

Look for many more of these messages to com in the future. The gay press world wide seems to be experiencing financial problems brought on by a changing global, political and financial climate, to say nothing of the intense competition from electronic media...

The internet menace is what has the entire media industry-- not just the gay bits-- beside itself with fear. In the next 10 years, expect to see a wholesale restructuring of the so-called MSM.


--- Quote from: "Kyleovision" ---a wholesale restructuring of the so-called MSM.
--- End quote ---

I am confused... MSM?

Main-Stream Media, sweety. :)


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