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 on: September 20, 2007, 01:34:31 AM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Rain
Ahh...very good.  Thank you, Fer.  I had no way of getting a hold of Mecca.  I expected to see him at Willi's funeral and he was a no-show (they had a bitter falling out just before Willi died).  He'll be surprised to find out that I remixed his song with Kevin Aviance's "Ugly" while I was recuperating from double pneumonia.  Yes, I really SHOULD kill the boyfriend.  LOL.  He'll get a kick out of it since he and Kevin and Nita Aviance (the dj for the House of Aviance) are very close.

 on: September 19, 2007, 03:06:39 PM 
Started by berto - Last post by Feral
Here you go then.

I do recommend buying the book.

 on: September 17, 2007, 11:17:23 AM 
Started by Feral - Last post by Feral
A really sweet new song by Jay Brannon. You listen. Me... I'm going back to my music that goes 'boom.'

 on: September 16, 2007, 11:13:14 PM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Feral

And I have to say... that's one of the better uses of the "Imperial March" from Star Wars ever.

 on: September 15, 2007, 10:33:22 PM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Rain
I LIVEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Mecca Revlon is none other than the former Mecca Ninja (he changed houses).  He's my adopted nephew/neice.  Another one of Willi Ninja's proteges.  Nice to see he's still active in the ballroom.  I had almost started to believe that krystal and extasy had done him in.

 on: September 15, 2007, 06:32:18 AM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Feral
Mmmmmm... class is in session.

One day I may even learn How to Read.  :panick:

 on: September 14, 2007, 09:53:15 AM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Rain
GO RAIN! Rah Rah!

Lesson #1:  In Standard Spoken Faggish (because there is no WRITTEN form, standard or otherwise), the expression "rah, rah" is  pejorative.  It is also a noun.  

Examples:  "Guhrl...she cackled so fiuhzly she doned gived me da rah rahs!"  or  "Last night I got yakked by this oyse banjee trade til it gave my amyugs da rah-rahs!"  An African American would use "amyugahs" in that sentence instead of "amyugs".  The word is a pig latinized form of the Faggish word "yams"...a common word for arse, ass, butt, behind, butthole...you get the picture.  Note that there is always a "uh" in the middle of the word "guhrl", lest it be confused with the real thing.

To give someone the rah-rahs is to give them the blues or to hurt them (usually unintentionally).  Or even, to annoy.  Like what the queens did to me when I first came out of the closet and discovered that NYC fags had not one, but TWO forms of gay slang and both of those had subtle racial varieties.  It wasn't until a few years later when I watched "The Boys in The Band" that I realized that this form of speech had been developing for a long time.  Later on, my own research led me to this little nugget:

It is quite common for gays in the U.S. to use the term "queen" when referring to one another.  It's even common in other English-speaking countries.  But that word is not the same word as the one used for Elizabeth II.  Although the word that today means monarch and the one that gays use for each other are both indeed derived from a common Old English word that originally meant "woman".  This word diverged into two strains...the king's woman or "queen" and the other, spelt "quean", was used for a harlot, a prostitute, a woman of ill repute.  THIS is the word that has been passed down since the days of the Venerable Bede to the present as the common gay "queen".

I shan't give you the rah-rahs any longer.  That concludes your first lesson in NYC Faggish.  Class dismissed.

 on: September 14, 2007, 07:32:04 AM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Feral
Quote from: "berto"
Quote from: "Rain"
I'm still waiting for berto to take this test.  Even if letters of the alphabet are not part of the questionnaire.

The "test" is Yanqui-centric. I do NOT speak Yanqui...

Ahem. I have heard you speak. It is a variety of "Upper Midwest" with not so much of the Cheddar-Head in it. I suspect it's a prairie thing. I'm not all that clear on the more western variations of the accent. Considering where you're from, I would not be at all surprised if there was more than a touch of western Minnesota in your accent. Of course, there's still that problematic west-coast surfer-boy thing you do with some of your vowels... but that's neither here nor there.

You talk like a Cheddar-Head with a cold. Not that that's a bad thing... Wisconsin is just crawling with really very nice people. (Too nice... disturbingly nice... suspiciously nice.... No one is that nice).

Quote from: "Rain"

How did we get away from Britney Spears' shaved twat?

Um... Divine Grace? Phenomenal luck? Outstanding karma?

Quote from: "Rain"
unique forms of Gay (happy, Fer?) speech

Positively giddy. It's made me so gay that there are little Snow White blue birds flitting about the room. It's annoying the cat.

But... I seriously agree with you. Gay modes of speech should be encouraged. So... um... GO RAIN! Rah Rah!

or... you could teach me something. :)

 on: September 13, 2007, 05:48:30 PM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Rain
Anyway...going back to Polari and Faggish....

While the use of Yiddish is commonplace in New York and many other cities with large Jewish populations, in Israel, Jews have had to fight to preserve it, sometimes with violent opposition from other Jews (because this language has strong connections to the Holocaust).  

We should see to it that unique forms of Gay (happy, Fer?) speech be preserved and indeed encouraged.  Both Yiddish and Polari/Faggish share interesting commonalities, both being languages of oppressed minorities which evolved under hostile conditions to serve as codes of group identity.

 on: September 13, 2007, 04:50:14 PM 
Started by Rain - Last post by Rain

How did we get away from Britney Spears' shaved twat?

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